“Psychotic Philosophy” calls NPR and explains how James Comey politicized the FBI to protect corrupt Hillary Clinton – watch at REAL.video

A pair of cackling liberal females at NPR were embarrassingly obvious in their political bias during a recent episode of a talk show on the network in which “Psychotic Philosophy” called in to call out corrupt former FBI head James Comey and his total mishandling of his position while working at the federal agency.

In an audio clip of the interview, published to REAL.video, Psychotic Philosophy is heard speaking the truth about Comey and how he played the American public as collective fools, both in covering for failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and launching the “Russian collusion” conspiracy theory against President Trump.

“Someone as biased and as partisan as James Comey, I really don’t think he was fit to be head director of the FBI, so it was a good thing he got fired,” states Psychotic Philosophy. “When ‘We the People’ and Donald Trump refer to the ‘swamp’ and the corruption in there, we’re referring to people like James Comey. You know, he’s super partisan, you’re supposed to be above that when you’re a government official.”

“For example, he let Hillary off the hook so easily with the email scandal, and they were even hesitant to call it an investigation when she blatantly destroyed the servers and smashed the hardware. Meanwhile, we’ve been going on a year-and-a-half now without any real evidence whatsoever of collusion that was started by James Comey, this false investigation.”

Be sure to listen to the full clip at REAL.video below:

Susan Hennessey tries to defend Comey, claims he showed “tremendous integrity” while working at the FBI

before Psychotic Philosophy could finish his statements, he was immediately cut off by the female host, who proceeded to laugh at his statements and minimize their revealing truths. She then asks Susan Hennessey, the executive director of the Lawfare blog, to chime in with her own damage control statements in defense of Comey.

“James Comey is not a perfect human being,” stated Hennessey, adding that “he is someone who has conducted himself with tremendous integrity throughout a very, very long career, and a career of government service and serving the people of the United States.”

Nestled amid a slew of “sort of” this and “sort of” thats, since she obviously has a difficult time making definitive statements in defense of someone as corrupt as Comey, Hennessey proceeded to imply that Psychotic Philosophy‘s questioning of Comey is unsubstantiated and that Comey has done no wrong.

In fact, she even went so far as to state that Comey has somehow been working in “good faith” this whole time to try to maintain the utmost integrity of the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, only to see people like Psychotic Philosophy “move the conversation” in defiance of these supposedly upstanding (in the eyes of liberals, anyway) law enforcement agencies.”

These two denigrating females are then heard patronizingly discussing between just themselves, after ending the call with Psychotic Philosophy, how President Trump is the one in the wrong for suggesting that Comey has committed some major crimes against the United States.

What’s clear from all of this is that NPR is hardly a “public” and “neutral” source of information, as the network likes to pretend it is. It’s a liberal echo chamber of anti-Trump, anti-truth propaganda aimed at swaying the most unstable minds into believing that black is white, up is down, and crime is innocence.

Be sure to listen to the full clip of this interview at REAL.video.

You can also keep with with the latest breaking news about the President and the mainstream media’s endless with hunt against him by visiting Trump.news.

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